Tuesday, 17 November 2015

World Prematurity Day

Apparently it's World Prematurity day - both my sister Ella and I entered this world 9 weeks early (15 years apart) - we remain bonkers but we are also survivors. 

We might not have chosen to enter this world in the dramatic style that we did and we probably still lack maturity (!) but we seem to have been forgiven for that and we thank god for NHS neonatal units...

*I put this photo on Facebook and it received more than 100 "likes" in a few hours (its more than 3 years old but sums our close relationship up rather perfectly) so thought I would share it here too. We don't normally go round with leggings on our heads. I promise.

**15 million babies are born too early each year across the globe. Thats 29 babies every minute. Some are not as lucky as Ella or I. Read more here.  

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