Friday, 29 January 2016

Creme Egg Cafe in London !

Dear Reader

Something unbelievably exciting has come to London. But you haven’t got long to enjoy it so keep reading and get your skates on. The Creme Egg Cafe has popped up in Soho. Yes. It. Has. But its only here for 6 weekends between now and Easter. Last year, there was outrage from chocolate lovers when it had been discovered that the recipe for Cadbury’s Creme Eggs had changed. So perhaps this is a PR stunt but still not something to be missed if you are a chocolate lover like me.

The cafe spans three floors – and I confess that I didn’t make it all the way to the top. I wish I had though because on a screen as you walk in on the ground floor, you can see they had installed a BALL POOL on the top floor. Sadly filled with normal plastic balls and and not crème eggs.

I didn’t have a ticket so I turned up at 2 pm on Sunday when it opened and joined the queue. Within about 30 mins, I was munching on the warmest, squishiest and most delicious creme egg toastie ever. Not nutritious at all but I’m not going to give myself a hard time about a treat like this, which I would not otherwise have every day. I also walked all the way there from home (approx. 4 miles from Notting Hill) and all the way back home again.

Tickets for this EGG-cellent (sorry) place sold out within an hour – you had to book to guarantee a slot if you wanted to “eat in”. But all is not lost because you can also walk-in if you get there in good time. AND they do takeaways. The crème egg toasties are the only thing available to take away but if you manage to get a “walk-in” table you can also try:

Creme egg Toastie (£2 takeaway / £4 walk-in)
Creme Egg and soldiers (£4)
Creme egg traybake (£4)
Stawberries and crème (egg) (£4)

All proceeds are for charity and its pay by card only. I would have loved to try the traybake but not so sure about the Egg and Soldiers (literally toast dipped in a crème egg).

While you wait there is a padlocked cage and if you guess the code correctly, you can win what’s inside...  And there was a big red panic button at the bottom of the stairs saying “Press here” – so I did. And down the little shoot, and onto a velvet cushion rolled a free crème egg...!

The best thing about the toastie is that its something you can make at home so don't be sad if you can't get there. 

What a find. Check it out if you can.

PS Two years ago I was inspired by Scarlett Curtis's Easter Egg Croissants - so there's something else you can try. 

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