Wednesday, 13 January 2016


Having had a 10 day break over Christmas, I felt incredibly anxious about the start of the year and got proper "back to school" jitters about returning to work that I haven't felt since....well... going back to school when I was about 13! 

To try and curb the anxiety, I spent the first weekend of January doing what I love most - pottering. Having said that, I had rather forgotten how to potter having spent most of the end of last year feeling frantic and having too many things to do / places to be etc. 

One of my main goals for 2016 is to slow right down and not spread myself too thinly and NOT say yes to everything - I am sure I said that last year but this time I really mean it. I used to love doing "nothing" and have somehow forgotten what its like to have an empty evening / day in my diary.

So my pottering at the weekend involved spending lots of time in my Notting Hill neighbourhood - as well as venturing a little further afield. I actually spontaneously met a friend for dinner on Friday night which was such a tonic and met another old friend for Brunch at the Electric diner on Sunday. We popped in and out of some of Portobello Road's best antique and jewellery shops.

On Saturday, I ventured a little further out and visited my favourite bakery - Cocomaya - and purchased (and ate) their new version of a Cronut. I also went to Deliciously Ella's new deli in Marylebone - The Mai Deli - not cheap but great for yummy and healthy food. I have been meaning to visit Bella Freud's shop for ages so I went there as well.

My other aim for the year is to buy more things for myself (clothes, home furnishings, nice bath products, candles etc) without feeling guilty or needing to justify it. We aren't even half way through January and I am doing well - So far I have bought:

Liz Earle Energising Body Scrub
Radox Stress Relief bath soak - only cost £1 !

My new M coaster
Silver polar bear - both in the sale at Graham and Green

School of Life clutch (good word "clutch") bag from their pop up in Harrods
School of Life Calm cards 

The calm cards are particularly brilliant and this quote on their website sums them up brilliantly: This small pack of prompt cards is made up of a succession of eloquent and beautiful reminders of just how we should approach our frustrations. It powerfully summons up our best and calmest selves – at precisely the moments when we need them most.

I'm hoping to read more this year too - there is no excuse not to. I was given Malala's book for Christmas and I think everyone should read her remarkable story. 

In the words of the late and heroic David Bowie, I'm making "Ch Ch Ch Ch CHANGES..."

I feel less anxious / much better already. Here's to more pottering and quiet weekends in 2016..

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  1. Cool. Good thoughts. I have started making time for me each morning by finding a Yoga video on YouTube and pretending to imitate the contortions of the sadistic beggars who made them!