Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Jules Robertson: Aspergers / Holby City

Back in November I wrote about the author Kathy Lette and her son Jules - he is a budding actor and last week I caught his TV debut on BBC 1 in Holby City.

There is a real significance with this news, which is that Jules has Aspergers syndrome and he had been cast to play a character with the same condition. This has never been done before (not on that show anyway).

Kathy says "Sadly, only 15% of autistic people are in the workforce, which is much lower than other disabilities, despite their high IQ's. (Autistic people are often Wikipedia with a pulse.) If society could just be less judgemental and more accepting of people's quirks, autistic people could give back to society in the most fascinating and creative ways."

Here is a picture of Jules in role - he was really brilliant and is set to be in Holby for quite some time to come - who know's what he'll do next !

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