Saturday, 13 February 2016

Marc Jacobs Beauty

Having had a job where it was considered “wrong” and “not really appropriate” to take a lunch break (I know!) let alone the entitled lunch HOUR – I am now in a job where I fully make the most of the allotted time – and I do because I’m aware lots of people aren’t as lucky and I have been in that boat.

If I’ve got the time and the energy, I sometimes pop into Harrods which is often a NIGHTMARE (too many tourists but the food hall alone is sensational).

Their window displays are usually totally amazing – since Christmas they have included two Aston Martins, a GIANT pot of La Prairie moisturiser and at the moment it’s an enormous Marc Jacobs lipstick and other over sized make up to mark the launch of their new beauty range (in the beauty / blogging world - apparently this arrival is the "news we've all been waiting for").

They have named one of their lipsticks Charlotte after the young royal. I am not really into Marc Jacobs but was given a Marc by Marc Jacobs scarf for Christmas and wear it everyday - I love it.

I couldn’t resist taking a peek at the exhibition / display this week in Harrods. I saw this quote on the wall and thought I would share it here -

Who cares what Miss Manners has to say!

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  1. Exactly who cares what miss manners has to say! She can do what she wants and we will do what we want to do. I love the quote and the marketing that they do for their makeup! Its great.