Friday, 4 March 2016

When Ruby became R-OBE-Y

So it is exactly 6 years since I went into the Priory and somehow managed to turn my life around. Little did I know that I would be heading back there 6 years later (2 weeks ago) to watch Ruby Wax receive her OBE for services to mental health which I HAD NOMINATED HER FOR. The excitement was just huge.

As an American citizen she was not allowed to collect it from the Palace from the Queen, so as it was mental health awareness week, she chose the Priory where she had been a patient - and this seemed appropriate particularly as the award was for services to mental health.

The Queen was there.... in cardboard to greet us on arrival. And huge helium balloons spelling out OBE. Friends traveled from far and wide to watch this momentous moment (Rahla came over all the way from Cape Town!) There were even OBE shaped biscuits !

Wing Commander Mike Dudgeon arrived in full uniform including a sword to present the award.

I love the above photo (Ruby has an OBE, Zoe has a CBE, I am just MB with no E!)

After the ceremony, we had a salsa class with Derek who gave us the exact same experience / class as the patient's get - think shiny / sweaty muscly man shouting at us with loud pumping music blaring out of huge speakers.

It was all so surreal and great to see someone who has given so much to bring something so important to the attention of the wider public. I spent the following three days in such a haze and am now planning my next project.

Click here for Ruby's version of events on Huffington Post...

Professional photos were taken by Mary-Lu from the Notting Hill Post !

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

6 years of recovery

The 1st March is always a special day for me. 

Its the date I went into the Priory Hospital 6 years ago to get help - and I've never really looked back. It totally changed my life and made me some of my best friends I have today.

I plan on spending the day reflecting - looking at what I've achieved since then - which is quite a lot if I can say so myself - far more than I would ever have imagined. 

With that in mind, here is my current favourite quote:

Yesterday is history.
Tomorrow is a mystery.
Today is a gift. That's why they call it the present.

Here's the ridiculously happy picture of me on my way back to the Priory last week for Ruby Wax's OBE presentation - can't wait to blog about that!