Thursday, 21 April 2016

Happy Birthday Ma'am !

Anyone who knows me (or who was there at the time!) will know that I screamed the house down with total joy at the news of the Royal Wedding in 2011 and that I am the most patriotic person and the biggest lover of the Royal Family.... 

A recent documentary about her remarkable life so far had me tearing up before it had hardly started.

In 2012, one of her Diamond Jubilee Celebrations involved her coming to Richmond Park and I hopped, skipped and jumped down there faster than ever (see here and here!). A really memorable afternoon. In 2002, she visited Ipswich as part of her Golden Jubilee Celebrations and my dad took me to work with him that day and we snuck out for an extra long lunch hour to see her. 

So it is only fitting that today's blog post celebrates HM The Queen's 90th birthday... We are so fortunate to have her as our Monarch - truly the most remarkable woman alive.


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