Friday, 3 June 2016

Books not screens

Apparently some of us are guilty of checking our phones as many as 150 times in a day... I would love to think that I was nowhere near that bracket but am sure if you counted how many times I even glanced at it, it would probably be a very high number (I love the Do Not Disturb Setting on my iPhone).

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are all perfect procrastination tools.

Feeling very conscious that I was looking more at screens than books, I have made a huge effort to read more lately and am feeling much better for it. 

Cue: An invite to two book launches in two weeks!

Firstly - Positively Primal by Emma Woolf

Due to busy diaries, I hardly ever get to see Emma but what a privilege to be invited to her book launch at the famous Waterstones on Piccadilly. 

Described at the "perfect antidote" to our 24/7 lifestyle - I have never felt more in need of a book like this. 

So much of life is spent rushing about, this book is a "re-connection" with food, work, relationships, the real world, family..... carefully researched and very inspiring, it is a breathtaking effort from someone so young and who I am lucky to call my friend !

Then - The Inner Fix by Joey Bradford and Persia Lawson

I had never met Joey and Persia before but had been a big follower of theirs since they founded Addictive Daughter - this is a brutally honest manual. 

Their book launch was magical and in order than they both had the same level of enjoyment on the night, they were handcuffed together. Also very useful for people like me who wanted to meet them together !

This is a much better and more worthy description than I could write - 

With our lives being overrun by social media and celebrity culture, being twenty-something has become pretty complicated. Wanting things we can't afford, finding ourselves stuck in a job we don't enjoy, or still living at home with mum and dad, we reach for things to try to perk us up (sex, booze and drugs) - but eventually, they turn out to be the very things that bring us down.

Having been caught in a cycle of self-destructive behaviour and come out the other side, Persia and Joey - friends, life coaches and founders of Addictive Daughter - colourfully chart their lives from childhood insecurities to adolescent obsessions. With tools and exercises to work through at your own pace, THE INNER FIX is guaranteed to teach you how to stop worrying and start living.

So much of the above will resonate with so many people - even if they won't admit it - I struggle to think of a more helpful guide to help you muddle through the maze that is 2016 and beyond.

Out next week!

Mad Girl by Bryony Gordon

I think this book deserves a blog post all of its own - partly because the book hasn't come out yet - but I have seen it. 

But also because Bryony came up with the brilliant "Mental Health Mates" who are a group of people affected directly or indirectly by mental illness and who wanted to meet to form their own "tribe" - sharing stories / making friends / having a support network - and I am so happy to be part of this group - and want to write about it properly along with the book launch at The Pool shortly.

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