Wednesday, 9 November 2016

US Election: TODAY

I didn't write a blog post for the whole of October, and I genuinely missed doing it.... I've resolved a technical glitch on my computer / performed a major Apple software update and it now works like new. I didn't know there was such a thing as Apple Support, where you can ring about any device and they'll talk you through it. I was blown away by their help....

As I type this, millions of Americans are queuing to cast their vote in the US Presidential Election... and by the time you read this, the result might be final.. I listen to Radio 4's Today Programme every morning and it feels like, for 18 months, they have talked about nothing else.... even Brexit feels like a distant memory (its not!).

I urge you to watch this YouTube video - it is the full episode of Ruby's American Pie, the one where she interviews Donald Trump on his private jet at 30,000 feet. This article is also an interesting companion to the YouTube clip if you can't bear to watch it.

Whilst it is not for me to say who the people of America should vote for, and it is clear that NEITHER candidate is perfect for the job, I am genuinely scared about the outcome and hope my nerves can be calmed. 

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  1. Well, he is a president now. Do you like this outcome? Tell me about it.