Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Spring Excitements

My oldest and most brilliant friend Hattie Ruffer has launched her website and you need to check out the Hattie Box blog. She is a London based stylist and writer, and we share a mutual love of Bella Freud. The clothes are some of the most beautiful and her words have had me snorting with laughter so much that I have had to stop reading it at my desk at work - for example:

"My preferred silhouette at the moment is a ‘Mom’ jean- high-waisted and tapered, slim-fitting enough but without making my buttocks look like two balloons in a bin-bag, having a fight."

Whilst we're on fashion - Samantha Cameron has stepped back into the limelight and launched her clothing range Cefinn - I particularly like the dresses - sophisticated, easy to wear and very elegant. I admire how fast this has got off the ground since leaving Downing Street last summer but rumour has it she was already brimming with ideas and had various samples ready while still working as the PM's wife. 

Image result for samantha cameron cefinn

Friday, 14 April 2017

Marshmallows with Character

I am unbelievably excited to have discovered Mallow and Marsh and their Marshmallow Bar - marshmallows covered in dark or milk chocolate - what could be more perfect ? 

There is vanilla, raspberry or coconut. I can't stand coconut so bought the other two and am happy to report they are SO good - not too filling / sweet - the perfect mid afternoon treat. Particularly delicious dipped in (proper milky) hot chocolate - thank me later for that advice. 

Available in Starbucks / Sainsburys / WholeFoods and beyond - go go go!

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Stop everything !

There has been an exciting new arrival at Harrods - the Creme Egg Scotch Egg is back (this is last year's post on it)! I have been making (almost) daily visits to the store in my lunch break to check if its there.

It is not cheap (£5 each!) and you could probably make them yourself BUT these are the perfect treat. There are plenty of other Easter themed delights in the Harrods patisserie but this is the best.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

An Update !

I haven't written a blog post for a while. I find I am either too busy to sit down and write or not busy enough and therefore have nothing to write. Can't win! Also - I spend all day in my job in front of a computer so the last thing I feel like when I get home is opening my laptop.

So - not much blogging but I do love Twitter and look at it every day - it teaches me so much. Its quick / clever / funny / useful. See my page here.

I also try and post a photo on Instagram (one every day or two) and really enjoy what I follow / see there. See my page here.

I don't post on Facebook much anymore - there are too many adverts - and generally just too much of everything. 

I have interviewed comedy duo and real life sisters Maddy and Marina Bye who are starting out on the comedy circuit with Siblings. Read it here. It is very, very funny. Jennifer Saunders says "Watch out for these gals!"

Calling all food lovers in London !! Come to Columbia Road one evening this week - The Hill Food Company are doing a Pop Up and it will be very special. Tickets available here. You can either have Supper or Brunch - honestly - its unmissable.

So excited to hear that Miranda Hart is going to be making her West End debut as Miss Hannigan in the musical Annie

My brilliant friend Alice Doyne has started making videos of her new venture Marmalade Mansions. They are laugh out loud funny and totally brilliant. When the marmalade season is over, she is going to be starting on chutneys / jams etc. I can't wait. 

I have just started reading AA Gill's memoir Pour Me. I was desperately sad to learn of his death. He successfully battled addiction but in the end, it was cancer that beat him. He was so highly intelligent and funny. I also want to read Lines in the Sand which is a collection of his articles. One of his last pieces about the NHS is particularly moving and brilliant. He wrote about food and reviewed restaurants like no other. I adored his journalism - The Sunday Times will never be the same again.

Yesterday, we celebrated the Mental Health Mates first anniversary with a big walk in Hyde Park - really quite spectacular so I think I am going to write about that in more detail. 

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

These are a few of my favourite things

I am not even joking when I say that one of the highlights of my year was the discovery of Brownie Butter. Yup. Actual Brownie Butter in a jar. Like chocolate spread but MUCH better. 

You can get it from Kate at Gower CottageDo it and thank me later. I secretly want a jar sent to my office once a week. 

This winter's hottest tend is to be very HYGGE

This is the best book on how to master this Danish way of living well. I gave it to my mum for Christmas and now want a copy of my own. More candles and less social media is the way forward !

Love these striped onesie pajamas from ASOS. I managed to buy them in the sale. They were sold out before Christmas so stand by and they might come back in stock again. 

I am starting the new year with a new pair of lampshades in my bedroom. Pooky are amazing - you can mix and match the shade and the stand. Lots of colours to choose from and super stylish. 

If you are ever looking for a fun place to eat out - look no further than the Clink. I have had lunch at the Brixton restaurant and really want to go back. Fingers crossed there is a restaurant near you.

My cousin received a LILhood for Christmas and they are fab. 

Monday, 9 January 2017

Happy New Year

2016 was a rocky ride for everyone – it will surely go down as one of the most “significant” years in political history. Not least because Britain marched out of the EU (sh*t) and Donald Trump stormed into the White House (double sh*t).

The writer and editor Agnes Frimpton summed it up brilliantly:

2016’s been a cluster-fuck of a year. David Bowie, Victoria Wood, Alan Rickman, Leonard Cohen – Leonard fucking Cohen – are dead. The UK voted for Brexit, the US voted for Donald Trump and populism is on the rise across Europe. And the pollsters got it wrong. Everyone got it wrong. “People in this country have had enough of experts”, said the charming Michael Gove, and many people agreed.

Losing Alan Rickman, Terry Wogan, Leonard Cohen, AA Gill, David Bowie, Prince, George Michael and many others was bad enough. Just when we thought it couldn't get worse, the actress and all-round genius Carrie Fisher died followed the next day by her mother Debbie Reynolds.

Allison Pearson did a great summary of the year in her Telegraph column - see here

Despite all the above, I found there was a lot to be positive about and I had many highlights. James Corden's Carpool Karaoke may well be what saved us all.

My lack of blogging has been slightly replaced by more Instagram posts - see here
Here are some of my "what not to miss" in 2017:

The opening of Hamilton (from huge success on Broadway to the West End). 

Adele at Wembley – beg, borrow, steal a ticket for her big finale. I got 4 tickets in the pre-sale thanks to Twitter and yes I am very smug about that.

The recreation of Disney's Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson. Trailer here 

Friday, 6 January 2017

Don't be Frazzled !

Christmas is over and everyone is back to work and school. It's ok to be a little bit sad about that. BUT we need not feel stressed with the arrival of.....

A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled (in paperback!)

Its amazing. And clever. And funny. 

And guess what ! You could win afternoon tea with her. I did, back in 2012, and it was a huge amount of fun. You've got until Sunday 8th Jan so hurry up and enter. 

Thanks to Books on the Underground, some people picked up a free copy whilst on their way to work on Tuesday. Talk about a stress-free commute.