Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Spring Excitements

My oldest and most brilliant friend Hattie Ruffer has launched her website and you need to check out the Hattie Box blog. She is a London based stylist and writer, and we share a mutual love of Bella Freud. The clothes are some of the most beautiful and her words have had me snorting with laughter so much that I have had to stop reading it at my desk at work - for example:

"My preferred silhouette at the moment is a ‘Mom’ jean- high-waisted and tapered, slim-fitting enough but without making my buttocks look like two balloons in a bin-bag, having a fight."

Whilst we're on fashion - Samantha Cameron has stepped back into the limelight and launched her clothing range Cefinn - I particularly like the dresses - sophisticated, easy to wear and very elegant. I admire how fast this has got off the ground since leaving Downing Street last summer but rumour has it she was already brimming with ideas and had various samples ready while still working as the PM's wife. 

Image result for samantha cameron cefinn

Friday, 14 April 2017

Marshmallows with Character

I am unbelievably excited to have discovered Mallow and Marsh and their Marshmallow Bar - marshmallows covered in dark or milk chocolate - what could be more perfect ? 

There is vanilla, raspberry or coconut. I can't stand coconut so bought the other two and am happy to report they are SO good - not too filling / sweet - the perfect mid afternoon treat. Particularly delicious dipped in (proper milky) hot chocolate - thank me later for that advice. 

Available in Starbucks / Sainsburys / WholeFoods and beyond - go go go!